It needs to be done this way. I know it's hard to understand, but things will make sense soon enough. We'll try to make it really easy for you, that's always been our goal. All this text is already confusing, we get it. It's a lot for the neurons. There's a lot to process, and it doesn't seem to mean anything. But the better you get at riddles, the better you'll be in life. It's like XP points. Just keep grinding. If this still doesn't make sense, be persistent. As long as you don't...

Well, we already know that, don't we. Don't quit. You can't even let quit live inside you. If you let it in once, it festers and grows until the next time you confront difficulty. If it comes out at some time dire enough, you die. So don't quit. Inoculate yourself now, save pain later. You'll be glad you did.

But don't trust me, trust yourself. You already have all the evidence you need, you've just convinced yourself that you know better than all that. Rather, you've been convinced by *else*. Once you understand this, you'll hear your own voice behind all the noise. You just have to listen.